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We are India’s One of the Pioneer Education organizations engaged in the Literary Research and Training in the field of IT. Yoga & Naturopathy .Ayurvedia. Teacher Training. And many other job oriented career courses, the scope of the vocational training remains immense as there is an enormous demand for the skilled manpower in the country. Himalayan Yog Sansthan provides its services in the states of U.P. M.P. Bihar. Rajasthan and West Bengal. Demand for the Skilled Manpower especially in India around 119 million additional skilled work forces will be required by 29 sectors. According to the skills gap report, most of the sectors except agriculture will require more skilled workforce in the next seven years. Himalyan organizes qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude. A learner must possess learning outcomes regardless of being acquired through formal, non-formal or informal learning. It would be useful to promote the creativity of every students including working and non working manpower.

Requirement of Vocational Training
  1. There is an enormous demand for the skilled manpower in the country.
  2. Huge mismatch between supply and demand of skilled labors.
  3. Continuous up gradation on techniques required in industries across various sectors.
  4. Need to match the industrial needs.
  5. Huge employment opportunities.
  6. Employees’ productivity.
  7. Scope of high earning.
  8. Methodology of Teaching
  9. HYS ensures the innovative content development as per the job oriented career curriculum.
  10. Equipped with trained and professionally competent experts for imparting the teaching as per the parameters laid down by the Training and Lesson Notes prepared for course is ensured to be in local languages (if required).
  11. IT in education, Yoga & Naturopathy.
  12. Enhances the quality of education by increasing learner motivation and escalating teacher training.
  13. Powerful tool for extending educational opportunities.
  14. Has ability to transcend time and space.
  15. Helps to improve the quality of Education.
  16. Representing competitive edge in an increasingly globalizing job market.
  17. Helps to expand access to Education.

Our Brighter Students