Welcome to Himalyan Educational Group. | Application for New Vocational Training Centres all over India for the acedemic year 2017-2018 are invited. Apply Now! | State Co-ordinaters wanted all over India (Except Maharastra, West Bengal, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Kerela)

Departments & Sectors

The following are the Departments & Sectors in which HEG is providing Vocational Training.

  1. Agriculture and Allied Technology
  2. Advertising and Media Industry
  3. Automobile Sector
  4. Art, Drawing and Painting
  5. Beauty Culture and Spa
  6. Building and Construction Technology
  7. Computer and Information Technology
  8. Cookery, Bakery, Confectionary and Food Processing
  9. Cottage Industry
  10. Cutting, Tailoring, Dress Making and Fashion Designing
  11. Chemical Industry
  12. Electrical and Electronics Sector
  13. Fire and Safety Sector
  14. Fishery Science Sector
  15. Footwear Technology
  16. Gold Appraiser
  17. Handicrafts Sector
  18. Health and Paramedical Sector
  19. Hospitality Sector
  20. Leather Industry
  21. Printing Technology
  22. Plastic Industry
  23. Photography Industry
  24. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector
  25. Secretarial Practice Sector
  26. Textile Technology Sector
  27. Teacher Training Sector
  28. Veterinary Sector
  29. Yoga Sector